Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photoshoots using DTP

I have been dieting for several photoshoots over the past 6 weeks. I have dieted a little differently than in times past. I have been carb depleting for several days and then carb loading for a day. Although I have been losing fat, I feel much weaker when depleting and very tired when loading (this is the body using much of my energy to digest).

I did a photoshoot last week in which I was very happy about but it took a lot for me to fill my muscles out due to the changes in diet stratagies. A couple of hours prior to the shoot I had no choice but to eat up on pancakes and carrot cake. It worked but I much prefer to play it safe than trying to hit a small target.

I have another shoot this weekend and I am using the DTP training to full effect to really lean out. As of tomorrow, I will be doing a back and chest superset followed by a bicep and tricep superset using the DTP system. The following day I will do leg and shoulder DTP supersets followed by abs and calves.

This will totally deplete my muscles ready for a full barage of carbs that will fill out my muscles and pull subcutanous water from under the skin while increasing vascularity.

More to come.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

I completed a month as a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

That was a hard month! I have so much repect for Vegearians after completing a month of eating nothing that had a face or parents.

I admit that eating the food available 6-7 times per day was quite easy, but what I found hard was dealing with the decrease in energy (all of the time) and strenght while training. Not everyone is going to get effected the same as me, just like some people cant eat peanuts or drink milk, but I am obviously meant to eat meat. Within 20 minutes of eating a meat filled breakfast, I honestly felt like I had woke from a haze - it worked on me that fast!

I am so glad I accomplished it, but it definitely isnt for me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eat healthy while travelling

At the end of this week I will be going to Sasquatch music festival for 5 days. I know there will be no food (especially now being a Vegetarian) for me to eat while trying to maintain my condition and shape. So, I have alredy prepared and packed some foods for the days spent in a tent listening to some good music :)

My cool bag and food box looks like this;
Protein powder
Home made protein bars
Soy Snacks
Cottage Cheese
Veggie Burgers
Ezekial Bread.

With the above foods on hand, I see no reason why I should have to purchase any other food while there.

Just like last year, I plan on doing my cardio in the morning at day break walking around the huge campsite, which is awesome because you get to see so many different people and spectacles.

I am looking forward to having a couple of Vodkas (in moderation) mixed with my fruit protein shots (by CNP), listening to some great music spent with even better people and maintaining a clean eating schedule at the same time.

Its very easy when time is spent on preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vegetarian Bodybuilding

I have completed my first week as a Vegetarian bodybuilder! It has been pretty hard but I am starting to figure it out now. Most of the veggie meat was really upsetting my stomach. I felt very bloated and full all of the time. My digestive system wasnt having fun and I was holding so much water due to the sodium content. After trial and error, I have noticed by limiting these veggie deli meal, tofurkey and veggie sauces, I am feeling much better. I have also placed more pineapple in my diet in the morning to assist with digestion so now I am feeling a little better with more energy.

I will see how I go next week but I hope my energy continues to improve because I am still feeling much lower than what i am used to.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cardio for Fat Burning

Many people always advise cardio before breakfast. I actually advise and practice this method the opposite way around.

If you have slept for 6-8 hours, you body has fasted for this time. The metabolism will be at its slowest because no food has been present to give it a jolt. So, what do people do? They go hit the treadmill and extend that fast even longer so by the time they have eaten their next meal, the metabolism is running at a snail pace pace craving every calorie you are about to feed it. This is what we DONT want. We want spike the metabolism as soon as we wake up and so we can get it firing when doing cardio so we can burn more cals.

The more frequent we eat meals, the faster our metabolism. So, why would we want to extend this fast by not eating before bed and immediatly upon waking. Experts say that you should live by the 3 hour rule of eating but not much is mentioned about the extended fast of sleeping.

Although not practical for most, I wake in the night to have a shake as this shortens my fast. My metabolism fires so fast that it wakes me up to eat, not an alarm. Yes it can become a bit of a pain but I feel and look so much leaner for it, and I only have to do 20-25mins cardio max.

Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you go

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fat fighting cardio

While I am doing my Vegetarian stint, I have decided to give my body, joints and tendons a little rest by changing up my workouts and cardio.

Yesterday I did a leg circuit which went something like this -
Leg press - 30 reps
Stiff leg deadlifts - 15 reps
Walking Lunges - 50 steps
Standing calf press 30 reps
Single leg extension 20 reps
Single ham curls 20 reps
Seated calf press 30 reps

I completed this circuit 3 times with very little rest to maintain my increased heart rate and to ensure I maintain my body fat levels

This morning I got to the gym and did a 45 minute spin class which was fun. I want to mix things up over the next month to keep things interesting for my body and brain